Chairman Message

Dr. Sultan Salim Al-Owaisi

Quality Manager

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)

"Our vision is to establish ourselves as a preeminent center of excellence in quality management, leveraging the expertise of competent professionals, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and promoting sustainable In-Country Value support. Our mission is to ensure unwavering adherence to quality requirements by developing robust systems, streamlined processes, and a digitized quality platform, thus enabling us to achieve the ambitious goal of ZERO defects. To realize this vision, we are committed to implementing a Unified Quality Management System that encompasses all directorates within our organization, optimizing our Quality Organization Structure, and harnessing the power of centralized digital quality tools to enhance the effectiveness of our Quality Management System (QMS).

Moreover, our steadfast objective is to achieve a state of ZERO defects in all procured O&G (Oil and Gas) products. This entails having meticulously implemented, verified, and operated systems, as well as fostering a dedicated supplier base capable of delivering products with minimal intervention from our company. Furthermore, we aim to foster heightened compliance with the requirements of our Unified QMS by actively engaging and collaborating with our In-Country Suppliers and service providers.

Additionally, we place great importance on fostering sustainable In-Country Value (ICV) support. This includes the establishment of a product certification body by a local regulatory entity, which will be responsible for issuing approved quality stamps. Furthermore, we endeavor to establish a Quality Council that will collaborate with the regulatory body to enhance quality awareness throughout the nation. We are committed to developing a comprehensive roadmap for a multi-skilled quality task force that includes key success partners, enabling us to strategize and execute quality initiatives effectively. Finally, we aim to establish national training standards for Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC), ensuring that professionals receive the necessary training and expertise to uphold and exceed quality expectations.

In summary, our quality strategy encompasses a visionary approach to quality management, driven by the pursuit of excellence, compliance, and sustainable value creation. Through the implementation of a unified QMS, our relentless commitment to ZERO defects in procured O&G products, and our dedication to sustainable ICV support, we aim to establish ourselves as leaders in quality management and create enduring value for our stakeholders."